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AnyDesk is a remote desktop access software that allows for effective collaboration across diverse desktop applications.

The software basically lets you access all your programs, documents, and files literally from anywhere in the world and at any given time. It is highly preferred for remote desktops, remote support, screen sharing as well as web presentations.

Features of AnyDesk

Employee management

AnyDesk is an effective employee management tool as it allows the employer to monitor the employee’s device activity remotely.

Integration flexibility

It integrates with other support, chat, and diagnostics management tools.

Recording capability

The platform allows remote sessions recording, thus providing reliable backup support.

File transfer

AnyDesk allows users to access and share information with other remote users, making it convenient for collaboration in achieving productive work.

Unmanned user access

It allows a remote user to readily access a system at any time despite the absence of an end-user to authorize the access.

Multi-platform access

With AnyDesk, it has been made possible to remotely access a system across various operating systems and devices. For instance, a user can gain access to their desktop computer through their mobile device. Additionally, AnyDesk has the capability to launch on the cloud, Software-as-a Service, as well as web-based platforms.

Remote administrator access

An administrator has been fully empowered through the AnyDesk platform to wield full control over an assigned endpoint device, making critical workflow targets achievable.

Remote maintenance

Through AnyDesk, a software technician can easily reboot a faulty system and even install additional applications on the system to enhance its functionality.

Remote accessories

Through AnyDesk, a user can remotely access additional device privileges, such as local printer access, without transferring the files between systems.

On the screen user support

In cases of demonstrations, it is easy to demonstrate to a remote end user certain instructions over the screen by circling, drawing, or highlighting certain areas of the screen to communicate better.

Technical support

All AnyDesk users can access technical support from the AnyDesk team via email helpdesk, phone support, or simply chat exchange support.

Pros of AnyDesk

  • It is a dynamic user-friendly platform that is great for screen sharing and screen transfers.
  • The platform has a password protection feature, thus guaranteeing user security.
  • Simplifies data transfer from system to system. For instance, it acts as a great data backup tool because it provides session recording features.
  • It is easy to download and set up the software.
  • Great for remote workflow facilitation and assistance even to colleagues. This is because it provides quick access to remote information.
  • Provides multiple device access, including mobile phones.
  • It offers a great way to keep track of employee progress and offer onboarding support.
  • It supports lower bandwith internet connections.
  • The AnyDesk dashboard offers great user support as it is easy to understand and use. Moreover, users have access to reliable customer service and technical support.

Cons of AnyDesk

  • Requires reliable internet connectivity to launch.
  • Can only connect with one user at a time.
  • May violate an employee's privacy privilege.
  • No notification issued for dropped or sluggish connectivity on any endpoint system.

Highest-Rated Features:

  1. Remote Device Control
  2. Usage Information
  3. File Sharing

Lowest-Rated Features:

  1. Diagnostics
  2. Device Enrollment
  3. Remote Wipe
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